Unstructured Supplementary Services Data

GSM service that allows high speed interactive communication between the
subscribers and applications across a GSM network.

*121# for Customers
  • This is a real time segmented offer display for the customers where the offers are displayed as per the offer mapping received from Vodafone on a monthly basis.
  • The offer display can also be dependant on multiple criteria’s as well which can be defined separately.
  • The balance of the customer will also be checked and displayed; the balance can also be defined as a predefined criteria, depending on which the offer can be displayed.
  • The menu structure is dynamic as well, i.e. the menu order can be altered on the basis of any predefined criteria as well. e.g: A data customer can view his data offer first, while at the same time, a frequent v2v user can view his v2v offer first

121 also offers direct activation whereby customers can directly dial *121*mrp#, in order to activate the respective offer. Direct activation mode is available for all the defined mrp’s, in the 121 menu. And even the segmented packs are also available here for activation. i.e. If a customer who is part of the 29@20 segment as part of the 121 menu (mrp: 29, customer price:20); then upon dialling *121*29#, his segmented pack will get activated where he will be deducted only Rs 20.Direct activation has various inert features to ensure maximum converts, namely


In 121, the retailers have provision to check the best-fit offers of customers. By dialling *121*customer number#, the retailers can view the balance of the customer and the his best-fit offers across all offer types. In Chennai and ROTN specifically, any Chennai retailer can check the 121 offer of an ROTN customer and vice versa, The commission/earnings gained against each offer will also be displayed for the retailers fort the customer, being checked for. The earnings are updated as per given by Vodafone and similar to 121-customers, the menu order and offer display type can be altered depending upon any predefined criteria. And now retailers also have the new feature where he can also e-recharge the customer via 121 menu for the respective offer. This completes the cycle for the retailers as they can

  1. Check customer’s best offer.
  2. Compare the earnings and select a pack.
  3. Recharge the pack directly from the 121 menu by entering the PIN.

The short code *347# acts as the ‘retailer self help’. This short code is exclusive to the retailers where all the services running are focused primarily on the retailers or DSE base. The services on 347 includes the following:

  • Prepaid activation status check: Lets the retailers check the new SIM unbar status, data is uploaded manually in a regular interval and details are listed accordingly.
  • Superstar menu: This is a sub menu displaying the super star points and offers.
  • Roaming and complaint registration flow: Retailers can register their network related complaints while they are in roaming by dialling this short code.
  • Handset listing for Retailers: This enables retailers to check the available offers, as per brands and their respective available offers.
  • My Business scheme: Lets the retailer view his target and achievement details.
  • SIM Status check: SIM status checking process by Retailers/DSE.
  • Retailer payout details: Retailers can check the weekly commission earned.
  • 121 DSE scheme: Checks if any retailer msisdns are part of the DSE eligible scheme and displays the offer according to their category.Presently there are 3 schemes defined under it.
  • My passport: Lets the eligible retailers/employees check details like training name, training date, date of joining etc.

The short code *122# is retailer exclusive where the service ‘Captive base management’ is running. This service lets retailers to check and promote offers directly to his customer base. The offer promotion can be selected across any offer type and an SMS will be shot to the customers (All the customers mapped to the retailers~100 nos.) with the promotion verbiage and the retailer name and number as the footer. There are checks on the number of times a retailer can use this in a day, and the number of customers, a retailer can have mapped to him. The base mapping is received and updated on a monthly basis and the details are shared via a daily MIS.


The short code *347# acts as the ‘retailer self help’. This short code is exclusive to the retailers where all the services running are focused primarily on the retailers or DSE base. The services on 347 includes the following:

  • Know your number: Enables a customer to view their own number & includes bonus up-selling with activation
  • Call conference: Activates the call conference service on the dialled number
  • Chinna credit: Provides a mrp of 10 if balance is less than 5. This will not deduct balance then, and can be used in times of emergencies. The balance will be deducted the next day or whenever the customer will have sufficient balance and an amount of 12/- will be deducted. Exclusive url is being used for this.
  • Active Bonus card display: This displays the active bonus cards, attached to the customer number, also the tariff and validity is shown as well.
  • Handset Listing for Customers: This will enable the customers to know the list of handsets/brands they can choose from and the respective data offer attached to it, there is variant for this feature which is enabled for retailers only on 347.
  • FnF: Activating 5 FnF numbers for the dialled customer. This also provides option to edit, delete or configure new numbers as part of the FnF scheme.
  • Balance Transfer: Helps transfer balance to other Vodafone Customers. The customer is checked if he/she has been on the network for more than 90 days, and is offered an option to transfer an amount between 2/- to 30/-
  • Tariff & Validity finder: Option to find the Tariff and Validity of the offers that the user is subscribed on.Provides details like validity expiry, balance available, v2v, v2m etc. These details are acquired by calling the ALCO check URL which provides information about the present offer the number is active on. The information received is displayed as per the tariff matrix
  • Bonus Up-selling: Works similar to the tariff and validity finder but this also displayed the suitable offer which would be a higher MRP than the one, the customer is active on. The functionality is done on the basis of the alco attached to the customer.


Etop integration in *121#we have recently included the etop-up mode activation in *121# where by a retailer can check-select and recharge for the customer directly from the 121 menu. This has been made live in Chennai/ROTN for a leading operator and is being implemented in other circles as well.

Vernacular verbiage support for USSDThis offers USSD in local language where the user will be able to check USSD via vernacular verbiages. This tool is considered critical in rural regions where English language is a barrier. And before initiating the vernacular verbiages, the handset is checked if it supports vernacular verbiages; otherwise the flow switches to English. The compatibility is checked and updated by checking the TAC code of the handset and also implementing the self- learning algorithm where the compatibility automatically gets updated allowing the DB to grow.

Minutes to seconds togglingEnables user to directly activate a pack on seconds billing or toggle from minutes to seconds for the same validity.